Role—Art Director
Social Campaign


Tasked with the ask of breaking the association that wings are only good when enjoyed during specific occasions— like the Super Bowl— our intern team came up with a strategy and series of creative executions that spoke to millennials with a side hustle: showing them that Wingstop is the perfect food for their 5-9 routine.

After releasing a series of sponsored advertisements on social and digital through Instagram, Twitter, and the Wingstop website, Wingstop will create a Wing Workspace which allows hustlers to come in between the hours of 5-9pm and enjoy wings. Wingstop’s Instagram will feature micro-influencers who are known to have a side hustle on their page to promote the space, and of course, their delicious wings.

Instagram Stories- Manifesto


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Sponsored Post

To continue the conversation of the message we are trying to spread with the Campain, Wingstop will launch a series of promoted instagram post using the stylistic elements and voice of the campaign. This post will promote the "Side Hustle" event and give users a link for more detailed information of the events whereabouts.

The Workspace