Brand—Scheckter's Organic Energy
Role—Art Director
Social Campaign

We are a healthy energy drink, that's what we want to communicate to our consumers. This Campaign is about calling out the B.S. of other energy drinks. We created a series of deliverables using a new character by the name of Mr. Scheckter character who pokes fun at the hype that surrounds fitness.

outdoor for scheckter
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The social aspect will bring in "Hector" and he will provide a message to the audience to just set the tone of the campaign again by going "live" and actively complaining about people exaggerating their athletic lifestyles. The user can then proceed to go on the microsite using the link from the Instagram story.






This website design was made for Scheckter's Organic Energy Drink.  Users would be insulted by "Hector" a disgruntled energy drink that was tired of fake facades within fitness and healthy living. This microsite allows users to understand Scheckter's as a brand by giving it a voice which will start a conversation on the misconceptions of healthy energy drinks.

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