Social Campaign 
UX / UI design

For my Creative Technology class, we were task to create a creative tech based platform. I focused on the topic of displacement and created an easy, accessible platform that enables displaced people to integrate into new environments in a better way.

What is the Problem?

Displaced people lack a proper cultural transition & integration when settling in a new environment.

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“When a displaced person is using mobile learning, they enjoy the same rights as a normal citizen and no matter the circumstances”

-United Nations

How we do it?

Create Database of beneficial content depending on region of the world (through AI system). Accessible language translation adapting to the persons culture. Implement Resources (financial, geographical, educational, etc) and personalized cultural events based on habitual practices for the displaced person.


How we are different?

Easily understandable for the residents, humanitarians, policy makers, and others who are committed to the welfare of vulnerable populations. Allow offine mode and have android adaptability since majority might not have accessibility to an Iphone device.

Mobile Interface

Promotional Campaign


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Kin Hub

Integrated environment which becomes the hub for all the sponsored events and collaborative workshops. Users get to experience a space, while connecting with others.